@mattab opened this Issue on March 17th 2016 Owner

At Piwik, our mission is to provide the best open analytics platform. Part of our mission is to make it as easy as possible to measure and collect data within Piwik from everywhere.

There are already dozens of integrations for other tools that make it easy to track data in Piwik from Wordpress, Drupal, other CMS, Ecommerce platforms, and much more. Besides these integrations with the most popular tools / CMS / Ecommerce (all of these are maintained by community members), it is very important for the success of the Piwik platform to also provide official SDKs for the most popular programming languages.

Top programming languages and Piwik SDK availability

Official Piwik SDK available

All creators/maintainers of our official SDK are part of the Piwik team and listed on our official team page.

SDK creator & maintainer needed!

There is not yet an official Piwik SDK for the following programming languages:

(sources: Github and Pypl)

Creating and maintaining an official Piwik Tracking SDK is a awesome way to make a big positive impact on Piwik!

If you are familiar with any of these technologies and would like to participate into growing open source project, let's start the discussion :+1:

@fhemberger commented on July 28th 2017 Contributor

Hi, I'd like to hand over my Node.js client for the Piwik Tracking HTTP API (mentioned above), if you're interested.

It's just a thin wrapper around the HTTP API calls, so it shouldn't require too much attention regarding maintenance. I don't think it makes much sense to change/integrate the JS client API, as most functions relate to browser interactions.

@brendoncrawford commented on August 23rd 2017

Hi @nkuttler , @mattab :

I am interested in maintaining the Python SDK. Is this the proper place to make this request?


@mattab commented on August 27th 2017 Owner

Awesome to hear @brendoncrawford and welcome to the project! As you now have permission to create/merge PRs and push commits, we're looking forward to see what you make. Probably the Python SDK needs a rewrite to ultimately use more modern APIs and we can discuss this in the Python sdk repo.

@mattab commented on August 27th 2017 Owner

@fhemberger Thanks for the offer of handing over your project to the Piwik community. If anyone reading is interested in improving the Node JS Piwik Tracking SDK please leave a comment :rocket:

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