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@tsteur , Am developing a plugin to export data into another application. I have called it visitorforecast and here is my code for visitoreForecast.php,

``` <?php /** * Piwik - free/libre analytics platform * * @link http://piwik.org * @license http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html GPL v3 or later */

namespace Piwik\Plugins\VisitorForecast;


use Piwik\Piwik; use Piwik\Plugin;

class VisitorForecast extends \Piwik\Plugin {

//getListHooksRegistered method must return an array, mapping the hook name to a callback function public function getListHooksRegistered() { return array( 'Tracker.newVisitorInformation' => 'addVisitorInformation' , 'Tracker.existingVisitInformation' => 'updateExistingVisitorInfo' ); }

public function addVisitorInformation(array &$visitorInfo) { // get the referrer_url $url = $visitorInfo['referer_url']; // do something with the url $eventTotal = $visitorInfo['visit_total_events']; $timeTotal = $visitorInfo['visit_total_time'];

 //send eventTotal via statsd to owl
 $stats = new StatsD("owl-statsd.etv.nce.amadeus.net","8125");
    $key = "Users3.2016.January";
    $stats ->gauge($key,$eventTotal);

//send timetotal via statsd to owl
    $key = "Users4.2016.January";
    $stats ->gauge($key,$timeTotal);


public function updateExistingVisitorInfo(array &$visitorInfo) { // get the referrer_url $url = $visitorInfo['referer_url'];

 $eventTotal = $visitorInfo['visit_total_events'];
 $timeTotal = $visitorInfo['visit_total_time'];
 $totalnumOfVisits = $visitorInfo['visitor_count_visits'];

 //send eventTotal via statsd to owl
 $stats = new StatsD("owl-statsd.etv.nce.amadeus.net","8125");
    $key = "Users5.2016.January";
    $stats ->gauge($key,$eventTotal);

//send timetotal via statsd to owl
    $key = "Users6.2016.January";
    $stats ->gauge($key,$timeTotal);

 //send totalnumOfVisits via statsd to owl
    $key = "Users8.2016.January";
    $stats ->gauge($key,$totalnumOfVisits);



The code connects to my server as i can receive the key but i cant see the data like $eventTotal or $timeTotal.  I believe that no data is getting assigned to these variables from the $visitorInfo. May i know what mistakes i have done? Please help me because am new to php. 

My statsD code looks like this 

``` <?php

 * A simple PHP class for interacting with a statsd server
 * @author John Crepezzi <john.crepezzi@gmail.com>

 namespace Piwik\Plugins\VisitorForecast;

class StatsD {

    private $host, $port;

    // Instantiate a new client
    public function __construct($host = 'localhost', $port = 8125) {
        $this->host = $host;
        $this->port = $port;

    // Record timing
    public function timing($key, $time, $rate = 1) {
        $this->send("$key:$time|ms", $rate);

    // Record gauge
    public function gauge($key, $gauge) {

   // Time something
    public function time_this($key, $callback, $rate = 1) {
        $begin = microtime(true);
        $time = floor((microtime(true) - $begin) * 1000);
        // And record
        $this->timing($key, $time, $rate);

    // Record counting
    public function counting($key, $amount = 1, $rate = 1) {
        $this->send("$key:$amount|c", $rate);

    // Send
    private function send($value, $rate = NULL) {
       $fp = fsockopen('udp://' . $this->host, $this->port, $errno, $errstr);
        // Will show warning if not opened, and return false

        if ($fp) {

            fwrite($fp, $rate ? "$value|@$rate" : $value);


@tsteur commented on March 14th 2016

visit_total_events will be only set if there was actually a change, meaning if actually an event was tracked after debugging code. Instead try to generate a visitor dimension maybe (see https://developer.piwik.org/guides/dimensions ). There you can access likely all visitor fields.

Next time please ask such questions in forum (which may result in a bit of waiting) as we can't always answer them here. We're only handling bugs and feature requests here.

This issue was closed on March 14th 2016
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