@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on February 5th 2016 Member

fixes #9717

@tsteur commented on February 7th 2016 Owner

@sgiehl I couldn't find anything re ccc in the codebase, neither the translation. Do you mind pointing me to a file just to understand how it works?

@sgiehl commented on February 7th 2016 Member

We are using CLDR date/time formats. According to the definitions (http://cldr.unicode.org/translation/date-time) a lowercase c is used for standalone day names. So the uppercase C was kind of a typo.

Russian for example uses standalone day names in some formats (e.g. https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/plugins/Intl/lang/ru.json#L305)

I've also added a test, to ensure it works correctly now.

@tsteur commented on February 7th 2016 Owner

Thx, was just not sure how it works.

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