@robocoder opened this issue on August 25th 2009

In Actions|Outlinks, or Referers|Websites (for example), clicking on a row opens a subtable. The "Loading data" animation appears in the clicked row. However, when clicking "Next", the "Loading data" no longer appears in the table footer.

To be investigated with jquery update and documented in regression test procedures.

@julienmoumne commented on May 23rd 2010

Attachment: 950.patch

@robocoder commented on March 23rd 2010

In 0.5.5: - On the UsersManager page, the 'Loading data' appears below the user table. - On the SitesManager page, the 'Loading data' appears above the site table.

@julienmoumne commented on May 22nd 2010

On both pages, should it be below or above ?

@robocoder commented on May 23rd 2010

re: comment:4 -- I don't think it matters (above vs below), so long as it is consistent.

@julienmoumne commented on May 23rd 2010

950.patch moves both loading and ajax success message above the user table in the users manager.

@robocoder commented on May 24th 2010

(In [2209]) refs #950

@robocoder commented on May 24th 2010

(In [2210]) fixes #950

This issue was closed on May 24th 2010
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