@tsteur opened this Issue on December 7th 2015 Owner

I think there are several ways to improve Piwik when printing a page that shows reports:

  • Show percentages in reports instead of hiding them
  • Do not show the report footer icon that let's you expand the table to change report visualization etc
  • Below a report name we could maybe show the report documentation so when printing the report and giving the report to someone else they have a chance to directly understand / read what the report is about
  • In case we decide to add a printer icon somewhere to generate the printed version we could show a checkbox to add a legend that explains metrics etc (metrics documentation)
  • Hide icons thumbs up / thumbs down, help icon next to report icons (they were sometimes visible in report)
  • The selectors that show website, date and segment could be visualized nicer. Maybe we could even show it in a kind of sentence. If a segment is selected we could also show in brackets the segment description/formatted (eg Where Page URL is 'http://...' and Browser is 'Chrome') and not only the name of the segment. One does maybe not always remember what the segment actually defines and when showing it to someone else they won't know for sure
  • No search box if no search text is defined
  • No related report
  • Maybe more gaps between headlines and bigger headlines
  • Include Piwik logo or Custom Logo
  • Do not show menus

I'm sure a lot more could be done but I'm running out of time. Let me know if you have more ideas

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