@pebosi opened this issue on August 10th 2009


why not removing the js code from datatable.js which adds even odd classes and use smarty's cycle method?


@robocoder commented on October 29th 2009

Attachment: 914.patch

@robocoder commented on August 10th 2009

I haven't looked into this. Can you create a patch?

@mattab commented on August 13th 2009

Hey Pebosi, please create a patch when submitting feedback on small details of code - it is more likely to be fixed :)

@robocoder commented on October 29th 2009

Deferring this change.

This patch bucks the trend by shifting processing back to the server while newer browsers come out with higher performance JavaScript engines.

Plus, it makes the code less readable...

This issue was closed on October 29th 2009
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