@anonymous-piwik-user opened this issue on July 10th 2009

See Tracker.php

The code in Piwik_Tracker.connectDatabase checks to see if self::$db is null and if not returns it.

The code in Piwik_Tracker.disconnectDatabase calls self::$db->disconnect(); but does not set the $db to null. The code should read like so: public static function disconnectDatabase() { if(isset(self::$db)) { self::$db->disconnect(); // XXX must set $db to null or // Piwik_Tracker.connectDatabase // returns unconnected db self::$db = null; } }

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@robocoder commented on July 11th 2009

(In [1304]) fixes #862 - Piwik_Tracker.disconnectDatabase should set self::$db to null; patch from ckoulman

This issue was closed on July 11th 2009
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