@robocoder opened this issue on July 8th 2009

Currently detected: - "cookie" - Pdf - Flash - Windows Media Player - Shockwave Director - Real Player

Add: - Silverlight - Google Gears

Remove: - "cookie"

Notes: - Adobe AIR (may not be possible to detect/distinguish from Flash) - QuickTime (removed in 0.2.35) - Java (removed in 0.4)

See also #852.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on July 8th 2009


Java and Quicktime has been removed? Please add it back.

@mattab commented on July 8th 2009

why do we remove Cookie detection? This is useful if the number we currently detect is accurate.

Java - Refs #744

Quicktime - refs #683

@robocoder commented on July 8th 2009

Because JavaScript cookie support isn't a plugin...

WRT QT, we could revert #683, given #852. If there's sufficient interest, we could also revert #744. But we should document the limitations of the plugin detection and rationale for doing so, so this isn't a FAQ.

Perhaps we should consider a public survey/poll?

@robocoder commented on July 20th 2009

(In [1313]) fixes #857 - add Silverlight and Google Gears detection; revert #744 & #683, restoring Java and Quicktime detection given #852. Kept "Cookie". AIR not detectable.

@robocoder commented on July 20th 2009

Also, JSLint'd to Edition 2009-07-18.

This issue was closed on July 20th 2009
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