@Zefling opened this issue on August 9th 2015

Some search engines forgotten :

Nintendo (via Google) : http://cgi2.nintendo.co.jp/gsearch/search.html?p=test

kensaq : http://www.kensaq.com/web?q=test

kwzf (image) : http://kwzf.net/#search=test

Dolphin Browser (via Google): http://search.dolphin-browser.jp/?q=test

Net-lavi Search (via Google): http://netlavis.azione.jp/search/?q=test

Au One (via Google / mobile only) : http://sp-search.auone.jp/search?q=test

KingSoft (via Yahoo! Japan) http://home.kingsoft.jp/type/web?keyword=test

Google : https://search.nan.so/#newwindow=1&q=test https://search.nan.so/ https://nan.so/

Fooooo : http://search.fooooo.com/web/?q=test

Laban (via Google / mobile only ?) : http://laban.vn/search-image.html?q=test

@sgiehl commented on August 9th 2015

I'll have a look within the next days

@Zefling commented on August 9th 2015

One more :

Free (via Google) : http://search.free.fr/google.pl?qs=test

@Zefling commented on August 11th 2015

Hehe, one more :D

Chedot (via Google) : http://search.chedot.com/?text=test

This issue was closed on August 13th 2015
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