@diosmosis opened this Issue on July 28th 2015 Member

As title. If [tests] http_host is set to a virtual domain, Piwik will assume the host is 'unknown' for some reason. May only affect enterprise plugins.

CC @sebastianpiskorski

@mnapoli commented on July 29th 2015 Member

Maybe related, I had to do this in my Docker branch: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/commit/2bbee201828157d4c4a3dfcc38da892ce74b4e77

The change basically auto-updates the tests/UI/config.js file which is necessary for UI tests (and that is easy to forgot).

Also had to do this fix: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/commit/cbf4f9208a9d32ba805b62dfd42553753067888a

FYI this is all currently on a separate branch.

@mattab commented on August 12th 2015 Owner

@mnapoli could you move your two commits in a separate PR? these look like fixes we should have in core independantly of docker branch :+1:

@mnapoli commented on August 12th 2015 Member

@mattab will do, so we are sure it will fix this issue?

@mattab commented on August 12th 2015 Owner

we don't know yet, but @sebastianpiskorski will be able to test it when he next has a chance :+1:

@mnapoli commented on August 12th 2015 Member

PR is here: #8552

@diosmosis commented on August 26th 2015 Member

@sebastianpiskorski do you still experience this issue w/ Piwik master? Does the change @mnapoli made fix the problem?

@sebastianpiskorski commented on August 27th 2015 Contributor

@diosmosis Well I didn't have need to run tests locally recently,especially that now we are working on 2.14 and as I see this fix is for 2.15.

@diosmosis commented on August 27th 2015 Member

@sebastianpiskorski would you have time to do a test quickly? ie git checkout master && ./console tests:run --file=/path/to/test/that/failed/before. Do you also remember which test caused the problem?

@sebastianpiskorski commented on August 28th 2015 Contributor

@diosmosis It is not that simple and I don't believe I have this configuration anymore. As far as I remember it was the UI tests. I'll check that.

@sebastianpiskorski commented on August 28th 2015 Contributor

@diosmosis I still get failure with fixture setting

Failed to setup fixture: Expected GIF beacon, got: <br/>
 If you are stuck, you can enable [Tracker] debug=1; in config.ini.php to get more debug info.
 URL was: http://localhost/tests/PHPUnit/proxy/piwik.php?(...)
@diosmosis commented on September 9th 2015 Member

Found the issue. It's a problem w/ a specific plugin. Closing this issue.

This Issue was closed on September 9th 2015
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