@pebosi opened this issue on July 24th 2015

Would be nice to track a new visit every time the location of a other has changes (based on lat, long).

I'm using Piwik for mobile tracking of users and need to split visits of one user to different locations. Even if i modify lat, long, city paramerts in tracking request, the visit stays the same and i cant see the location changes.

@quba commented on July 24th 2015

It's rather something that can be achieved with custom plugin.

@pebosi commented on July 24th 2015

i just did see that lat, lon, city requires token_auth... i will try and report back here.

@pebosi commented on July 24th 2015

Ok, it now just overrides the visits lat, lon, city values. So would be nice to get a new visit instead

@Fensterbank commented on July 24th 2015

But isn't it technically wrong, to log a location change as a new visit? If a user is visiting a website and reading some articles while driving on the speedway, the user sould not be tracked with multiple visits.

@mattab commented on July 24th 2015

Thanks for suggestion @pebosi

Notes: - we do something similar, we track new visit on new campaigns, and/or website changes, see this faq How do I create new visit whenever a user visits my website using a new campaign or a new website referrer? - you can also manually track a new visit whenever you want, with new_visit tracking API parameter, see this FAQ - we won't add this feature for location change in core.

This issue was closed on July 24th 2015
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