@Tobias-Conrad opened this issue on June 27th 2015

i often see that a recurring person is tracked as a new person. also if the person uses the same IP, ... this visits could be collected and summed up together only by giving the user an anonymous ID and set a cookie with the same ID. this is a math game if you have same browser, IP, cookie, settings it could be the same person also if one parameter is changed.

@mattab commented on June 28th 2015

Hi @Tobias-Conrad Could you paste a screenshot of the Visitor Log showing the same user tracked as a new visitor?

@Tobias-Conrad commented on June 29th 2015

solution: before anonymized IP give the person a fixed ID would help.

i attached a screenshot please search for IP 91.21.76. IP occurs 7 times, gattered in two userprofiles 3 + 4 visits

A) i had to add only the tracking pixel on one site(digistore24.com). so for this visits it creates a new visitor ID. 3 visits ID d86820ea0249372e (only tracking pixel), 2x ID 485ea9dd526ac612

B) other IP in log and user details, see attachements

solution: before anonymized IP give the person a fixed ID would help. because we save only the visitor ID there will be no harm of any law. (i read about it) this solution brings also a better location from the full IP, before it will be SAVED anonymized.

@mattab commented on July 15th 2015

Hi @Tobias-Conrad

Sorry but I don't quite understand the issue - could you maybe try again describe what is the issue? maybe you could list "Steps to reproduce" and behavior that you see VS behavior you expected?

@mattab commented on July 15th 2015

I'll close it for now, maybe open a new issue with the steps to reproduce, or re-open this one if it's better

This issue was closed on July 15th 2015
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