@mattab opened this issue on June 10th 2009

If you look at the Piwik demo, in the Pages report, you will most likely see a lot of results from google search cache or google translate, where google.com domain actually loads your content and triggers the piwik javascript tracking tag.

We could, at tracking time, rename these pages, or prefix them with "google translate/" or "google cache/" so they are all within one directory in the reports.

@robocoder commented on September 29th 2010

(In [3193]) fixes #773 - when a page is loaded via translate.google.com, we record the page view for the page's URL and set the referrer to translate.google.com.

@robocoder commented on September 29th 2010

(In [3194]) fixes #773 - I need to run the unit test with the CI server

This issue was closed on September 29th 2010
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