@saleemkce opened this Pull Request on April 15th 2015 Contributor

Fix for issue https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/7316 Now, no idle user could spend more than 3 days opening the piwik admin panle idle. Added jquery script whic tracks user engagement with the site.

@saleemkce commented on April 15th 2015 Contributor

Additionally, I have given 3 days of inactivity in Piwik admin page as session expiry time. But, we could adjust this based on our collective decision.

\ Possible scenarios when this is most useful,

  • user opens the tab and goes somewhere
  • user has opened the browser tab in the past but never checked the tab again but visits other sites in the browser
  • user accidentally opened the Piwik admin site in another person's place but forgot to close down

Also, it will never auto-expire when user is not idle.

@mattab commented on April 16th 2015 Owner

Hi @saleemkce
what you want to achieve is that user should be logged out after N days of inactivity. To do this we need to do it server side rather than client side. Otherwise if you close the browser and wait 10 days you would still be logged in... the correct way would be to somehow change the Login plugin authentication or so to enforce this maximum of N days.

@saleemkce commented on April 16th 2015 Contributor

Hi @mattab This is the only case which I suppose is not covered in my fix, I have a pure client-side based solution for this case with very little support needed from server-end, I am working in this and will soon publish the fix for the benefit of everyone. Because I don't want to poll (load) the DB periodically with HTTP requests, my solution should be quite unique!

This Pull Request was closed on April 16th 2015
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