@mattab opened this issue on April 7th 2015

when "date to load by default" is "last 7|30 days" and we pre-process those ranges, we don't want to pre-process segments as it is simply not needed.

this can avoid thousands of extra archiving requests when Piwik server has dozens or hundreds of segments setup.

(this performance regression was introduced in #6856)

fixes #7611

@tsteur commented on April 7th 2015

Is it possible to write a test for this? Would be good as the CronArchive is a huge mess :) Eg in ArchiveProcessingTest or so? Not sure!

@mattab commented on April 7th 2015

it could be possible with further refactor but i'm not able to right now (sorry)

This issue was closed on April 9th 2015
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