@robocoder opened this issue on June 7th 2009

Drop styling. Developers will apply their own theme anyways. - Drop <style>...</style> from output - Remove <b></b> tags - Drop border and width attributes from <table> definition

Recommended changes: - Enclose attribute values in double quotes. - Separate header and body using <thead></thead> and <tbody></tbody> - Set table id, e.g., id="Actions_getActions" - Instead of "Sub DataTable not loaded", add a pseudo-column that contains an integer (idSubtable)

Improvements: - Add example using the jQuery DataTables plugin

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

Attachment: Screenshot of data table datatable.jpg

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

Attachment: screenshot of graph table graphtable.jpg

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

Attachment: Sample code dataTable.html

@robocoder commented on June 8th 2009
  • Add unit tests to tests/core/DataTable/Renderer.test.php
  • Fix missing </tr> on header row.
@robocoder commented on June 12th 2009

Depends on #772

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

(In [1222]) fixes #760 - changes to Basic HTML format

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

(In [1223]) refs #760 - use <th> for header

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

The attached example uses the following jquery plugins: - graphTable - flot (for plotting) - dataTables

@mattab commented on June 15th 2009

Reopening: - before the html output was a simple debug output; now it seems it will be part of the feature as your examples suggest: it makes it very easy to reuse the data in external apps. As such, we need to add unit test to the output of this table, just like other format are tested in tests/core/DataTable/Renderer.test.php - how could we best showcase this new feature? It looks like something that could be very useful to many people integrating Piwik in their project.. I would suggest a short and sweet blog post tutorial explaining how to do so - just an idea :-) but would definitely advertise this to the community - could we also include it in misc/? - you mention "flot", is it in the screenshots attached to the ticket?

good work!

@mattab commented on June 15th 2009
  • why do you do the following?
$value = html_entity_decode($value, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8');
$value = htmlspecialchars($value);

I would instead suggest to use Piwik_DataTable_Filter_SafeDecodeLabel to keep this logic in one place only.

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009
  • I can't include a test case/tutorial until #772 is fixed because the variance in column order means the tests would pass on one machine and fail on another; similarly, dataTables and graphTable use row/column position/index to select data, not by row/column name
  • flot is used by graphTable, so there isn't a separate screenshot
  • the samples are just a proof-of-concept; Let's create a separate ticket to spec out what a flashy non-flash demo would be
  • why do I... hang on, I copied that snippet of code from another Renderer ;)
@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009

Closing in favor of #804; test case will be included in #772

@robocoder commented on July 2nd 2009

Note: dataTable.html is a proof-of-concept; in practice, the data would be embedded in the page from the server-side so that token_auth is not exposed in the page source

This issue was closed on August 14th 2009
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