@ghtiun opened this issue on March 19th 2015

Certain references to Taiwan are inconsistent in the [lang].json in plugins/UserCountry/lang. For example, the term "Taiwan, Province of China" is used to indicate Taiwan in the tl and en version; while "Republic of China"(Repubblica di Cina) in the it version.

May I suggest simply using "Taiwan" and equivalent word in each language version to make it consistent? Many thanks.

@mnapoli commented on March 20th 2015

Related discussion on what StackExchange did: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/170143/taiwan-is-not-a-province-of-china

@mattab commented on April 8th 2015

+1 to change the en.json to use Taiwan as the name

This issue was closed on April 12th 2015
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