@robocoder opened this issue on May 26th 2009

At present, index.php and piwik.php set the include path (relative to the Piwik document root) to: /, /core, /libs, /plugins, plus the existing include path.

The proposal here is to remove / from the above class search path as it is a frequent "miss". The handful of references to /config, /lang, and /misc can be converted to absolute paths.

@robocoder commented on May 26th 2009

Attachment: 743.diffs

@robocoder commented on May 26th 2009

Proposed patch attached.

@robocoder commented on May 28th 2009

(In [1150]) fixes #743 - optimize include path; refs #631

@robocoder commented on May 29th 2009

(In [1153]) refs #743 - fix dependencies

@mattab commented on June 1st 2009

(In [1164]) - refs #743 fixing for tests as well

This issue was closed on June 1st 2009
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