@quba opened this issue on October 2nd 2014

Steps to reproduce: - create a website and user, add view privileges to this website, - create a segment (works), - change setting enable_create_realtime_segments = 0, - try to create a segment (pre processed by default).

Outcome: Please contact Support to make these changes on your behalf. To update (or create) a pre-processed segment, a user must have admin access or super user access.

In addition, while being logged in as a normal user, I don't see segment configuration fields (apply to all websites, choose realtime or pre-processed). Not sure if that is a bug. I was also not able to enter user settings using latest master (699f9cd8bd84ee53c8b4e65e948052dbd8858d10).

This issue was closed on October 6th 2014
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