@czolnowski opened this issue on September 22nd 2014

This PR add to new feature to tracking code: - possibility to overwrite tracking code protocol. - options which could be included before setTrackerUrl.

@halfdan commented on September 24th 2014

@czolnowski Needs a rebase.

@czolnowski commented on September 29th 2014

Branch is rebased. I hope that now it'll work.

@mattab commented on September 29th 2014

@czolnowski look at "files" -> the pull requests contains lots of changes un-related to your PR. Maybe you can create a new PR if that's easier?

@czolnowski commented on October 3rd 2014

Closing. New PR is here: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/6380

This issue was closed on October 3rd 2014
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