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The goal of this issue is to create a Piwik Privacy seal that a site can post.

As suggested by Richard Stallman, as part of our work in #5276 the privacy seal meaning would be:

This site stores NO data about visitors who follow the rules except what they explicitly give, plus the data that Piwik stores in its default configuration. This site gives NO personal data to any other organization, not even 'anonymized', except when forced to by the state."

That campaign would promote both Piwik and privacy.

  • Define what gets communicated via this seal: IP anonimisation detected or not, old logs deleted or not, DoNotTrack enabled or not, ....
  • Design a Privacy seal
  • Under what conditions a Piwik instance is granted this privacy seal? Need outstanding Privacy settings, matching recommendations by French / DE privacy bodies.
  • See related feature to inform users in opt-out iframe: #2889
    • maybe we could display the privacy seal in the opt-out iframe
  • maybe we could register our Piwik Privacy seal as an Open badge similar to Piwik Certification seals #6172
  • Work with FSF on this project

Refs #6160

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