@mattab opened this issue on March 20th 2009

We should document all features of the goal tracking plugin in a simple one page documentation, including how to setup custom revenue through the javascript function call (currently missing see #774), how to track newsletter subscriptions, how to track downloads, etc.

See excellent use cases for the documentation on the page: http://www.webanalyticsworld.net/2009/03/10-must-track-google-analytics-goals.html

The documentation should for example explain how to: - identify which paid keywords do convert, from which campaigns/websites? - identify which paid keywords do NOT convert, from which campaigns/websites?

See also #517

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 10th 2009

Very Nice document.

I can start implementing this right now though I would just need a little help or chat with someone from the development side on what I need to pass through the tracker to get the information i need into the system.

Supplying the data based on conversion, eccomerce etc is no issue its just how I get it into your system that would be where I need a nudge on.

Currently I have HEAPS of sites making daily conversions that this can be tested on and produce instant results.

Who's up for it? :D


@mattab commented on June 10th 2009

see current status of goal tracking plugin in #774

@mattab commented on June 10th 2009

Another use case: - track as a goal when the user stays on site more than N seconds, see website optimizer doc as example

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 10th 2009

Matt do you think that is as a goal tracking element or under a conversion optimizing element?

Unsure where the line would meet on those two. As their goal optimizer is different from goal conversion tracking.

Optimizer is a split testing system used to test and track two or more variations in either A vs B variation or Taguchi style.

Nice system..... Ultimately getting functionality like that in here or most likely another diff app that ties in with PW would be sssswweeeetttt.

lol Marc

@mattab commented on June 10th 2009

I was thinking that on content websites, it would be nice to define a Goal "Read articles" for example, which you would then trigger manually in your pages by recording a goal after 20seconds or so.

We should also link the "Goal create" form to the documentation that we will build showing various use cases of "advanced goals".

@mattab commented on June 23rd 2010

Documentation is now available at tracking Goals in Piwik web analytics

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