@ksubileau opened this issue on July 19th 2014
@sgiehl commented on July 19th 2014

Hi. Sorry, we are not able to merge pull requests for translation files. We are using an external tool to manage the translations. See http://translations.piwik.org Feel free to register and do changes there. All changes will be merged to git automatically from time to time.

@ksubileau commented on July 19th 2014

Oops, sorry, I didn't find the information on http://piwik.org/get-involved/. As the changes are minors, would you rather do the changes yourself please :) ?

@sgiehl commented on July 19th 2014

Sure, I've done that right now. But please consider registering there, nevertheless. Maybe you could help translating untranslated parts of Piwik.

This issue was closed on July 19th 2014
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