@zawadzinski opened this issue on July 8th 2008

New features: - compare periods mode - we can choose 1 date & period (normal mode) or 2 dates & periods (compare mode, #291) that we pass then in url vars: period, date, period_compare, period_date - google analytics got a quite good interface that we can look up to

Improve: - one javascript "popup" for both choosing a period and choosing dates, so we can change both date and period without reloading the page - design new interface, so it looks more clear, fresh, better

References - interesting jquery plugin for date slider

Any more ideas? Keywords: javascript, calendar

@zawadzinski commented on July 8th 2008

Attachment: google analytics calendar google analytics calendar.png

@mattab commented on October 14th 2008

consolidated in #291 for clarity

This issue was closed on October 14th 2008
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