@zawadzinski opened this issue on July 7th 2008

Create interactive site chooser.

See attachment.

How should it work? 1. when you click on dropdown menu it shows list of sites from piwik installation and and one special item (the first one) called "Search..." 2. when you click "Search..." we transform dropdown menu (select) into input text box 3. in input box we got "x" icon to switch back to dropdown menu (it is already implemented in data tables interface when you want to cancel your search, see screenshot) 4. when you type it displays results and highlight search keyword in javascript popup below, like in compose message in gmail (see screenshot) 5. you can either choose site or cancel search by clicking "x" icon

@zawadzinski commented on July 7th 2008

Attachment: already implemented interface in data table visualization close search.png

@zawadzinski commented on July 7th 2008

Attachment: gmail interactive dropdown search results.png

@zawadzinski commented on July 7th 2008

Attachment: project of site choose UI search ui.png

@mattab commented on July 26th 2008

Attachment: google reader did exactly the same dropdown already! it works great. we should the same :-) google-reader-selector.jpg

@zawadzinski commented on September 7th 2009

Attachment: autocompleter.tar.gz

@zawadzinski commented on September 30th 2009

Attachment: autocompleter v2.zip

@zawadzinski commented on October 16th 2009

Attachment: autocompleter v3.zip

@zawadzinski commented on July 7th 2008

see search UI.png attachment for detailed use case

@zawadzinski commented on September 30th 2009

attached an autocompleter after some minor patches, IE compatible now.

@mattab commented on October 9th 2009

Cool new feature - here is my code review - the query to select a website on name matching should reside in the website API rather than CoreController - pressing enter without selecting a website leads to 404, instead it should trigger the search for the entered keyword - is the initial load loading all websites? I don't think it is expected, what would happen if the piwik has 10000 websites? Instead, could it load only the first N websites? - when no result is found, the Loading... should be replaced with "No website found for '$SEARCHED_STRING'" - on firefox, the arrow on the right is on top the vertical bar on its left, which looks a bit funny - the font looks different from the font used elsewhere in the UI, should reuse the same CSS class?

When this is bug free, we can integrate this with core, nice new feature.

@zawadzinski commented on October 16th 2009

New version (v3), bug fixed, improvements made.

@robocoder commented on November 24th 2009

From a maintenance perspective, I'm a little concerned that the jSuggest developer's site has been marked as unsafe. There's also jSuggest "Enhanced", http://www.rajavarma.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/jquery.jSuggest.1.1.js which we should diff against for bug fixes.

Alternatively, see if https://jqueryui.pbworks.com/Autocomplete (in the development stage) can be used instead of jSuggest.

@mattab commented on February 19th 2010

Maciej, what is the status of the site selector? Is this something you are happy pushing to Piwik core? Please validate and I will do the code review.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on April 13th 2010

This is to inform you that jQuery UI 1.8 has hit stable release and autocomplete is included, i dont know if we should switch to using it.

@robocoder commented on April 13th 2010

vnese: see #1235

@mattab commented on April 29th 2010

it would be great to switch to jquery UI, is anyone keen to make the code change (shouldn't be difficult I don't think)?

@mattab commented on July 17th 2010

Note: the HTML is now done in trunk, the JS + PHP has to be ported in trunk, from the plugin attached to this ticket.

@mattab commented on July 17th 2010

The code is in: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/plugins/CoreHome/templates/sites_selection.tpl#L44

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on July 25th 2010

Could this be added / implemented also for the websites administration? That one is awfully slow (and sometimes timinig out) with 6000 sites ;)

@zawadzinski commented on July 27th 2010

(In [2720]) fixes #5708

@mattab commented on July 27th 2010

(In [2723]) Refs #5708 Fixing build

@mattab commented on July 27th 2010

(In [2724]) Refs #5708 Adding css file but still missing

but still missing the autocomplete.js which I don't have - Maciej?

@zawadzinski commented on July 27th 2010

(In [2727]) fixes #5708 added missing autocomplete.js

@mattab commented on July 28th 2010

(In [2732]) Refs #5708

@mattab commented on July 28th 2010

ts77, can you please contact me at matt att piwik.org? would love to hear a bit more about your use case of 6k sites, how is your experience with Piwi, and how we can improve it with that many websites. Thanks

This issue was closed on July 28th 2010
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