@mattab opened this issue on January 6th 2008

Such an integration could range from very simple to very complex depending on the developper time & passion. A few ideas - add country flags / browser / OS icons to comments - easy integration of the javascript code in the footer - integration of the widget showing some basic statistics in WP sidebar / in admin dashboard - loading piwik interface from within wordpress interface - check the following list for good ideas:


@mattab commented on August 24th 2008

See also woopra integration - !http://www.woopra.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/woopra-wordpress-plugin.jpg - !http://weblogtoolscollection.com/archives/2008/04/27/woopra-and-wordpress-unofficial-coolness-guide/

@mattab commented on February 19th 2010

Robert, I think we just want to help plugin authors building such features if they want to. We don't want to take over wordpress integration plugin for now, as already there are a few plugins that you mentioned that are doing a nice job. I mark this one as fixed for now.

See also the blog post on piwik.org http://piwik.org/blog/2008/06/new-plugin-wordpress-piwik-integration/

This issue was closed on February 19th 2010
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