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The idea behind the plugin is to make it possible to export reports by email. It would be possible also to specify preferences such as - daily / weekly / monthly reports - reports contained in the email

The implementation is not defined yet though, as we need to finish the task #54 first.

@mattab commented on March 20th 2009
  • 1) we are planning to fix this (see edit their info (alias, email, password) #526, display the javascript code for their sites #554, define the website to load by default in the UI #401)
  • 2) and 3) ok
  • 4) what do you mean by "email message" can there be different message by email? it sounds not necessary. All email messages could have same content "Here is your web analytics reports for the period DATE1-DATE2. You will receive the next email on DATE3. Click here to view your Piwik reports.".
  • 5) there is no metadata to say "this API call is a report" rather than a admin call. You could use some heuristics like: if parameters idSite, date, period are found, then it's a report api method. Also you should blacklist some plugins all together, eg. SitesManager, UsersManager, etc.

But for the plugin, it would be ideal to send "widgets" rather than csv exports of API. You can get the list of all widgets by calling Piwik_GetWidgetsList() that returns a list of Plugin, methods that you can directly call to get the HTML output of the widgets, which would be much easier to understand than plain CSV reports without labels (eg. the getVisits call would return value:1100 and it would be hard to understand as opposed to returning the VisitsSummary widget output).

Let me know what you think but all in all it would be a great new feature to Piwik and I'd be happy to review your code and answer your questions!

@mattab commented on March 20th 2009

btw, there is a plan to use the widgets in a similar way to build RSS feeds (see #5571), which is very similar to email reports.

@mattab commented on March 20th 2009

Also, how do you plan to provide the UI to choose the reports to send in the emails? If you go the widget way, you could re-use the "widget menu selector" found in the dashboard and in the top menu "widgets" to provide a user friendly way to select the widgets and add them in the "mail template".

@mattab commented on March 26th 2009

Hi Khahn, good work, that will be a nice new feature! I assume the code is in GPL and will be included in Piwik core. Can you post your code in the ticket, and it's OK if it's not finished, at least we can review it if necessary, and other people could give their feedback.

ok for "Email on demand", great idea! As you know custom date range reports are not yet a feature in Piwik even though we could build it, so I'm sure how we will integrate that. Does the custom date range work for any report of any plugins? Last time I heard it wasn't working for all metrics?

Here is my feedback.

Slightly simplify UI - Rather than having optin and optout and period selector I would simplify and just have a section "Schedule Email Reports": Don't email me the reports, Email the reports daily, Email the reports weekly, Email the reports monthly. - Below this section, another section "Email reports on demand": 'You can also receive your custom report on demand, for a custom date range. 'Select the date range', 'Send the email report now'. When clicked, ajax request with standard piwik "Please wait while your report is generated and sent. It can take a few minutes." and when done, a feedback message "Message sent to abc@example.org!". - Below a section "Customize reports in your email" with the options to customize email content

Review - I updated #526 with quick spec - next to email weekly, can you specify "Email will be sent out every Monday" - next to montly email, can you specify "Email will be sent out on the first day of every month" - can you add "Email daily"? next to "Email daily" can you specify "Email will be sent out every day when the reports are generated" - can you remind the user at the top of the screens: "All Email reports will be emailed to youremail@example.org" in case the user specified wrong email or just as a reminder - can you rename the submit "done" in "Update report content - please don't hardcode the list of available reports, as we will soon release new reports. If you use the heuristic "idSite, date, period" available, the plugin will automatically work with new versions of piwik and new reports. - your reports.csv is not a valid CSV file, but maybe that's not an issue? - if you need this custom CSV file, create a new "Renderer" that you can call "CustomCsv" for example. You custom csv renderer can query the website name and add it in the csv export.

Proposal for email customization: Widgets and API calls

Your idea of proposing widgets and CSV export at same time is very good idea! There is a difference between the way API calls and Widgets are generated: - csv/xml/json exports are available for API calls, eg. "VisitsSummary.getVisits" is an API call. "Referers.getKeywords" is the API call that returns the list of keywords. You can get the list of all existing API methods by usingPiwik_API_Proxy::getInstance()->getMetadata() (see how it's done inDocumentationGenerator.php. It may require small refactoring but should be easy, and if you need help on this, let me know (this is how we currently generate the API documentation it is all automatic so will be reusable to get the list of all API calls). - Widgets are controllers methods, eg. "VisitsSummary.index" is the controller method that outputs the flash graph with sparklines below. "Referers.getKeywords" is the controller method that returns the "widget" that shows the html table with the keywords, inline search, etc. You can get the list of all existing widgets by callingPiwik_GetWidgetsList(). Some API calls and widgets have the same name, but they are different (API.php contains API, Controller.php contains the widget which are methods in the controller).

Therefore if we give user the choice between csv/xml/etc. and widgets, here is a proposal: - (checkbox) "Send widgets attached as html". When checked, the "widget selector" would appear in overlay. The widget selector is currently used in dashboard and in the top menu "widgets" and could be reused in this plugin to allow easy preview & selection of widgets to add in the report. To select widget in the email report, UI experience would be exactly same as selecting widget for the dashboard. When a widget is clicked, overlay closes, and widget is added to the list of widgets in the email. The full list appears below the checkbox and could read "List of widgets in your report: List of Keywords List of Search Engines User Settings In this list, user can move widget titles up and down by drag n drop (you can use jquery ui sortable already included in piwik) and "delete" some widgets (by click on a red cross on the right of the name), allowing full customization of the order in which widgets will appear in the html report. The report will then be sent as an HTML file containing the html export file "reports-$date1-$date2.html" of all these widgets. - (checkbox) "Send reports attached as [csv/customCsv/xml]". When checked, the list of all API methods is displayed below, and user can choose which API calls to receive by email (like in your current implementation).

Open question - how can the user choose which websites he wants to receive in the reports? or is it all websites by default? (that's OK I just want to check)

Hope it helps. It's a bit long but this is very exciting new feature so.. :-) Thanks.

@mattab commented on May 17th 2010

no, kpham never released the source code of his alpha version.

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