@mattab opened this issue on January 4th 2008

To make it easy to move from phpmyvisites to Piwik such a plugin is necessary. It would make its best to convert statistics from phpmyvisites 2.x to piwik, maximizing the user base conversion rate and making the process as smooth as possible.

The plugin is not currently under development - if you would like to help sponsoring this plugin, please contact Piwik Consultants that would be able to help!

@matthijskooijman commented on December 2nd 2008

Any progress on this?

@robocoder commented on January 2nd 2009

phpMyVisites isn't being updated. Notably, the potential XSS vulnerability reported in November for phpMyVisites wasn't addressed, but was fixed in Piwik.

@jpfleury commented on December 24th 2009

I agree that such plugin is needed. In the last phpmyvisites' newsletter, it's suggested to migrate to Piwik, but nothing about what to do with our phpmyvisites' datas..

@mattab commented on March 29th 2010

I don't think this will ever happen, considering the dev time it would require. A more probably import script would be to import from GA, but not yet planned...

This issue was closed on July 23rd 2012
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