@mattab opened this issue on January 3rd 2008

In the config.ini.php, it is not possible to set a configuration settings in a config file without setting the whole category in this config file.

We should have some sort of merging that would make possible to set only a sub configuration variable from the global.ini.php into the config.ini.php. This way, during an upgrade, we could keep only the config/config.ini.php and overwrite the other config files with the updated piwik version and we would keep the user changes.


In global.ini.php [Test]



In config.ini.php it is NOT YET possible to change only value1 doing something like [Test]


Currently the user has to paste the whole category to change only this variable [Test]



@mattab commented on October 10th 2008

Solution: we should merge the config file before reading them using parse_ini_file?

@mattab commented on February 28th 2009

fixed and added test in [930]

This issue was closed on August 18th 2009
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