@mattab opened this issue on March 11th 2014

To increase upgrade rates of Piwik users to the latest version, we can notify all Super Users from a given Piwik when there is a new Piwik release available to download.

The email will be sent to all super users when Piwik detects a new stable version has been released.

Proposed requirements: - we only email for new stable core releases - we do not email for plugin upgrades - emails are sent only once per Piwik version (to all Super Users) - the notification can be disabled in the configuration file (no need for UI to disable email notification)

@mattab commented on March 11th 2014

Proposed email (possibly to improve?)

Dear Piwik user,



Click here to update Piwik now!

@hpvd commented on March 12th 2014

maybe a notification for new beta versions is also interesting: - feedback for new versions can start earlier if users upgrade earlier - could reduce number of tickets for things which are already fixed in the new version (because they upgrade earlier) - may help security (even in beta version)

could be implemented in the config file like this: "upgrade notification: final, beta"

@hpvd commented on March 12th 2014

same 3 reasons may fit for plugin new version notification... => config file "piwik upgrade notification: final, beta plugin upgrade notification: on"

@hpvd commented on March 12th 2014

hmmm don't know but maybe this notification settings can also be used for notification within piwik (upper right corner)?

=> set it to "beta" on the test server one could receive a notification for new betas even if the installed testing version is final (because this was the latest available version)...

@tsteur commented on March 13th 2014

In 1a1c50a6a46446c50e870f230795fccd21247630: fixes #4843 send email notifications to all super users in case of new Piwik core update and/or Marketplace plugin updates. Core update email notifications are enabled by default and can be disabled in config. Plugin update notifications are disabled by default and can be enabled in UI -> General settings

@mattab commented on March 13th 2014

In 535c802762da3d3c89249e00ffbe1f32bb70324d: Refs #4843 adding default From: to emails

This issue was closed on April 15th 2014
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