@sgiehl opened this issue on February 20th 2014

New versions of jQuery & jQueryUI have been released.

We should update to the latest jQuery 1.11.0 jQueryUI 1.10.4

Maybe some plugins like jQPlot could be update, too

@hpvd commented on February 21st 2014

just for discussion: update to latest of v1.x or directly to 2.x?

Since roughly all of piwik users are advanced web-users, maybe the main drawback for not using 2.x the incompatibility to older browser (like IE before 9.0) will not be a problem at all in our case, because every even semi-advanced web-user updates his browser regularly...

Using 2.0 one could only add the modules you really need - which should make everything a little smaller and faster..

@sgiehl commented on February 21st 2014

No. We still need to use 1.x. There are many companies using piwik and some of them might still use IE < 9 - and in big companies it's not always such easy to get an update...

@mattab commented on February 22nd 2014

Piwik officially supports IE 8 for some more time. We will drop support for IE8 in this ticket: #4620

@sgiehl commented on February 27th 2014

In 9e43bc7d781d113a53d1f36e15e3d986f358b858: fixes #4723 updated jQuery & jQueryUI

This issue was closed on February 27th 2014
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