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Content Grouping is the ability to group pages into meaningful categories, and get analytics reports for these categories.

Currently it can be done with Piwik by using Custom Variables, where one can assign a page in one or several content categories or content tags. For more info about using Custom variables for content grouping see this blog post.

Groups could be assigned:

  • in the Javascript tracking code (similarly to custom variables)
  • via an admin User interface letting user customize groups for each website (or across all websites). Groups are of two sorts:
    • Simple matches such as "page url contains X" or "page title contains Y" then group is Z
    • Regular expression matches on the URL or page Title, which can be used to extract the actual value to be used as Content group

More info about GA feature:


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on January 26th 2014

i like this idea of making an admin page to help define categories and sub categories base on url or page title, one additon i would add is allow people to regex the definition to allow more detailed categorization. Perhaps also allow people to define wordpress blog category abd sub category options.( since a large number of people use this as the cms). if we use that blog setup for definiton perhaps we also capture blog title as well as author.

@KIgloo commented on July 9th 2015

Hi !
Just to say that I would very much appreciate such 'grouping' feature within the User interface (as explained in this post). In my enterprise, only the IT department would have the rights to 'have fun' with the code and set up potential "custom variables" => As a programme assistant, as long as the function is not in the UI, I am powerless. And I doubt I am the only one in this situation :)

Sure, regex & subcategory options would be very nice, but a 'manual' selection ('simple matches' as mattab said ? ) would also do the trick.

Thanks for your attention !

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