@mattab opened this issue on January 21st 2014

Currently overriding location, city, region, latitude and longitude will work for new visit, but not for further actions by a same visitor. Requested in pull request https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/204

@mattab commented on January 21st 2014

In c34d63e780ddb39dc88ecad316af276a019fed31: Fixes #4565 Add overrideLocation call in returning visitors, during further actions by same user

@tsteur commented on January 27th 2014

In 56bddb5325dab6b7ff3400c99208d08f454b6743: refs #4565 do not allow logme for any super user

@tsteur commented on January 27th 2014

In 80f254d87c8dbbd3efbaddd36f2428eb09397896: refs #4565 migrate config super user to database

This issue was closed on January 27th 2014
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