@mattab opened this issue on January 12th 2014

Currently the Custom Segments editor is not displayed on the embed dashboard iframe, eg:

http://demo.piwik.org/index.php?module=Widgetize&action=iframe&moduleToWidgetize=Dashboard&actionToWidgetize=index&idSite=7&period=week&date=yesterday - We could add the Custom Segments editor in this view (by default)

Also a related UX improvement: - The Widgets & Dashboard box, should be white and look like the calendar (Morpheus theme). Currently it looks grey (Zeitgeist theme)

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@mattab commented on January 12th 2014
@mattab commented on January 16th 2014
  • Add UI test for this dashboard
@mattab commented on January 16th 2014

In e30df996cfdfe2a311f02b61b18ce284d3de48f1: Remove top_controls_inner div + other fixes, preparing for this ticket refs #4502

@mattab commented on January 16th 2014

In dda83f41c3b94512791a0c798cc6a514b0f41b57: Refs #4502 Styling embed dashboard menu

@mattab commented on January 16th 2014

In a0049d66a847ecea8e9fb4dd5b45900904e411f0: Refs #4502 Adding class for standalone widgets

@mattab commented on January 16th 2014

In e46bc6b6249e16ffd8075ca61bcea003cf0ee58a: Refs #4502 Fix segment editor so it works when used without the #hashTag and load from URL GET param

@mattab commented on January 16th 2014

In a6a7288c597d28098894a50f574101a91efcfc08: Refs #4502 Make menu look and feel consistent

@mattab commented on January 20th 2014

Fixed in commit where I added the screenshot test for the Embed dashboard: https://github.com/piwik/piwik-ui-tests/blob/8fa347b23801387ff5d31e4c252f7418cdb3e197/expected-ui-screenshots/UIIntegrationTest_widgetize_dashboard.png

@mattab commented on January 22nd 2014

In c4708dc3ad8894938fb1caf0f5460e0f9a578c36: Refs #4502 Fix bug in segment editor when editing as a view/admin user.

This issue was closed on January 22nd 2014
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