@hpvd opened this issue on January 8th 2014

During evaluating the great new version of the bot tracker plugin for Piwik 2.0 (still beta and in development but everybody can help!! see #2391), I got the following idea:

it would be very great to have the additional possibility within the visitor generator plugin to generate in an easy way a single deeply customized visitor - with all the different properties Piwik can track and report

from which IP which country which browser which plugins which screen resolution

with reached goals

with ecommerce with abandoned card ...

different bot types ...

The customization of this visitor may be done via dropdown selections

having this possibility one could easily - reproduce a problem within another/newer piwik/plugin version - check during development and testing if a new feature work as it should - set up one or even several different groups of customized visitors for being used in regular or even automatic testing

what do you think?

@mattab commented on January 9th 2014

Honestly we don't use the visitor Generator a lot. It's mostly used for quick testing purposes. Everything is possible but we won't spend time on this. Other developers are most welcome to contribute...

This issue was closed on January 9th 2014
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