@hpvd opened this issue on July 1st 2013

on hover on url in visitor log more informations are shown. Works fine except for "time on page": this one shows always 0s no matter how long you stay there.

Piwik v1.12, Magento Piwik plugin

Keywords: 1.12 visitor log hover

@hpvd commented on July 1st 2013

using another Wlan for internet access everything works fine (its a testing site so I'm the only visitor) - same computer, - same browser - unchanged settings

do you have any ideas why every thing could be logged correct but not he time on page ??

I thought there should be only everything or nothing be possible -hmm

@mattab commented on July 1st 2013

Piwik tracks a time on page of 0 second for the "last" page of a visit. If you find some pages "in the visit" are also showing as 0 second, then it could be a bug, but it really should work. Please post screenshots if you think there's a bug

This issue was closed on July 1st 2013
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