@nullnull-00 opened this issue on March 8th 2013

Clicking "Check for Updates" in the settings interface, Piwik does not answer "You are using the latest version" (if I have the latest version, of course;)). Instead it returns the following error message: "The string CoreHome_YouAreUsingTheLatestVersion_js was not loaded in javascript. Make sure it is suffixed with _js and that you called %7BloadJavascriptTranslations plugins='$YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME'%7D before your javascript code."

@nullnull-00 commented on March 8th 2013

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@diosmosis commented on March 25th 2013

In da21d34800c4b9dedee4a25ba800dffb71ed2507: Fixes #3806, make sure CoreHome_YouAreUsingTheLatestVersion_js translation is loaded in admin side.

This issue was closed on March 25th 2013
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