@robocoder opened this issue on December 12th 2012

The ArchiveProcessing test using Mysqli is passing when using LOAD DATA INFILE, so it isn't a MySQL / AppArmor configuration issue. (I also checked that the "piwik" db user has the FILE privilege.)

On the VM, the mysqli.so and pdo_mysql.so extensions both appear to use libmysqlclient. On dev6, our 5.3.x builds used the new mysqlnd (native driver) extension.

So, this points to a pdo_mysql bug ... i.e., - https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=46964 - this was a compilation error prior to 5.2.9 for older versions of mysql - https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=54158 - the "fix" from 46964 broke 5.3 thru 5.3.8 - https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=62889 - the "fix" from 54158 only fixed it for php 5.3.9+ using mysqlnd

@robocoder commented on December 12th 2012

(In [7600]) fixes #3605 - add detection for mysqlnd

@robocoder commented on December 12th 2012

(In [7601]) refs #3605 - correct information in phpdocs

@mattab commented on December 12th 2012

All in all, what is the minimum recommended php version? is the latest 5.3.x enough to enjoy LOAD DATAINFILE. Since it's a big improvement boost, we could add it in the system check list as a "warning" - high traffic users will want to know this setting.

Otherwise this ticket cna be closed since tests pass? Thanks so much for finding this info it was doing my head in! we are going green

@robocoder commented on December 12th 2012

Minimum: - 5.2.1+ with mysqli - 5.3.9+ with pdo_mysql using mysqlnd

Maximum: - 5.2.8 with pdo_mysql using libmysqlclient

@mattab commented on December 13th 2012

Thanks added comment in: #2122

@mattab commented on December 16th 2012

@vipsoft I would like to follow up [7600] and add a warning if box is Jenkins AND isBulkInsertTestable() returns false (since we should know when jenkins stops running these tests). how could we detect if the current server is Jenkins?

@mattab commented on December 21st 2012

(In [7677]) Fixes #3605 Marking the test as "skipped" even if it's not testable.

This will be annoying to always see it in the test output so I probably disable it for jenkins later

@mattab commented on December 21st 2012

(In [7678]) refs #3605 #2122 Claryfying mesage when load data in file not working

This issue was closed on December 21st 2012
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