@diosmosis opened this issue on October 18th 2012

To help make it easier to figure out when GeoIP isn't setup correctly, we should display more information. - For the PECL extension & PHP API, display the available database types (ie, country or city or whatever). - For the Apache extension, display the available server variables. - If the Apache extension is not installed, display list of installed modules (result of apache_get_modules()). If function not available, say assuming non-apache web server because it isn't available. - For the PECL extension, display the value of geoip.custom_directory or if not set. - Make sure DataTable footer message for Region + City reports only show if region/city information is available.

@mattab commented on October 19th 2012

see also #3442

@diosmosis commented on November 14th 2012

(In [7469]) Fixes #3458, fixes #3515, improved geoip diagnostics/help & allowed IPv4-mapped IP addresses to be geo-located.

This issue was closed on November 14th 2012
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