@ryrun opened this issue on October 17th 2012

I love the new features of 1.9, you are great guys. Good work. I've only a small problem with tracked keywords from sitesearch. Umlauts wont be displayed correctly. I saw that all urls with umlaut keywords are also not displayed correctly in the page urls view. how does piwik detect the charset of a page? Keywords: piwik charset sitesearch

@ryrun commented on October 17th 2012

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@pebosi commented on October 17th 2012

Can't confirm this on my installation of Piwik 1.9. Please provide more information about your site (charset, php, etc.). Maybe provide a screenshot.

@ryrun commented on October 17th 2012

Site is using charset "iso-8859-15".

@ryrun commented on October 17th 2012

Url-Parameter of the piwik request: "...search_result.php?keywords=t%FCte&search_count=21"

Should be tracked as "Tte".

@mattab commented on October 18th 2012

Thanks for the report. We should urldecode the keyword twice

@diosmosis commented on October 23rd 2012

(In [7289]) Fixes #3450, handle non-utf-8 character encoding in query parameters of tracked URLs.

@ryrun commented on November 16th 2012

Agreed, problem show up again with 1.9.2.

@mattab commented on November 22nd 2012

(In [7521]) Site search improvements - Support &kwd[]= notation fixes #3454 - Support random text case fixes #3539 - Fixes umlauts regression with non utf8 encoding: Fixes #3450 - Adding setPageCharset() method to Tracking API FIxes #3565

@mattab commented on November 22nd 2012

(In [7523]) Refs #3450 Fix regression in the Javascript tracker

This issue was closed on November 22nd 2012
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