@pebosi opened this issue on April 14th 2010

see attached patch

@pebosi commented on April 14th 2010

Attachment: userdelete.patch

@robocoder commented on April 14th 2010

My gut feeling is that this is the wrong place to do it since the user_dashboard table belongs to the Dashboard plugin.

Theoretically, the user_dashboard table may not exist if the Dashboard plugin is uninstalled. (#546)

I think the Piwik convention would be to add a hook, i.e., PostEvent('UsersManager.deleteUser'); and add a listener to Dashboard.php.

@robocoder commented on April 14th 2010

(In [2110]) fixes #1304 - delete dashboard layout when deleting user

@mattab commented on May 5th 2010

(In [2129]) Fixes #1304 Piwik_Query accepts bind parameters but Piwik_Exec doesn't, was causing deleting a user to issue an error

This issue was closed on May 5th 2010
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