@robocoder opened this issue on March 24th 2010

Generate: - visits - downloads - outlinks - referers - campaigns - goals

The idea here is to create a remote service that will generate visits to the user's Piwik installation.

Requirements: - scripted to send requests to piwik.php directly - service throttling to avoid abuse - user must enable the troubleshooting plugin which allows the service to add a test web site and collect test results to complete the feedback loop - present test results to the user

Optional: - a smart bot that visits the user's web page to see if the tracking code runs (i.e., pasted correctly)

See also: #404

@mattab commented on July 29th 2010

risky to generate any hits on third party server. See also #588

For troubleshooting, an alternative is to give more feedback about what is happening (no logs at all? logs, but no archives? etc.) See #404

This issue was closed on July 29th 2010
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