@carusogabriel opened this Pull Request on December 8th 2017

I've refactored several tests, using:

  • assertFileExists and assertFileNotExists instead of file_exists function;
  • assertArrayHasKey and assertArrayNotHasKey instead of isset and array_key_exists functions;
  • assertStringEqualsFile instead of file_get_contents function when comparing a string and a file;
  • assertFileEquals instead of file_get_contents function when comparing two files;
  • assertGreaterThan and assertLessThan for mathematical comparisons;
  • assertFalse and assertNotFalse instead of strict comparisons with false keyword;
  • assertTrue instead of strict comparisons with true keyword;
  • assertEmpty and assertNotEmpty instead of empty function;
  • assertInternalType instead of is_* functions;
  • assertEquals and assertNotEquals instead of comparisons;
  • assertSame and assertNotSame instead of comparisons;
  • assertContains instead of in_array and strpos functions;
  • assertCount instead of count and sizeof functions;
  • assertInstanceOf and assertNotInstanceOf instead of instanceof operator.
@sgiehl commented on December 10th 2017 Member

@carusogabriel thanks for the pull request. would you check why some tests are failing now? System and Integration tests should pass...

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