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Use case

As an API user, when I call the API to fetch a segmented report, and use a custom segment (ie. i didn't create it via segment editor but manually constructed the segment parameter in my API request), if the config.ini.php has browser_archiving_disabled_enforce=1, my response will always show "no data", and I don't know why. I need to see clearly in the API response somehow that I need to manually create the segment in the segment editor first, before being able to fetch the data via the API for this segment.


  • browser_archiving_disabled_enforce=1 in config.ini.php
  • call the API with a custom segment (ie. a segment which is not created in the Segment Editor)

Result: always show 0 / no data.


It's important to fix this issue because it is setup this way for some Piwik service customers.

When browser_archiving_disabled_enforce=1 and the API is used with a &segment= parameter

  1. When the segment exists in the DB and is set as segmented reports are processed in real time (default), then the segment data will never be displayed in standard reports (it will however work in Real time reports). In case the data would never be displayed, we would need to throw an exception:

The Segment is set to "segmented reports are processed in real time (default)" but Piwik has been configured to not process segmented reports in API requests. Therefore to see data for this report in the future, you need to edit your segment and choose "segmented reports are pre-processed (faster, requires cron)". Once you have edited your segment, it will take up to a few hours for your segments data to appear here.

  1. When the segment does not exist in the DB (ie. a "custom" segment), then the data will never be displayed in standard reports (it will however work in real time reports). We would need to throw an exception:

The Segment you specified has not been created yet in the Segment Editor and therefore the report data has not been pre-processed yet. To solve this, you need to go to Piwik and create this segment manually in the Segment editor (alternatively, you can create a new segment pragmatically using the SegmentEditor.add API). Once you have created the segment in the editor (or via API), this error message won't be displayed any more and you will see your segmented reports data within a few hours (once the segment data has been pre-processed).
Please note that you can already test whether your segment will work and match your users by using the Live.getLastVisitsDetails API. When using the Live.getLastVisitsDetails API, you will see in real time which visits and actions were matched by your segment which can help you confirm your &segment= parameter is constructed well and works as expected.

Feedback welcome, the goal is to make it crystal clear to users why there is no data and what to do to get data.

@sgiehl commented on November 7th 2017 Member

The browser_archiving_disabled_enforce setting currently doesn't overwrite all other settings.
If enable_browser_archiving_triggering is set to 1 or the option in UI was enabled the archiving might be triggered even with browser_archiving_disabled_enforce on.

Shouldn't browser_archiving_disabled_enforce overwrite any other setting? Or should it be renamend to include something with segment, if it is only used for segment archiving

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