@anonymous-piwik-user opened this issue on March 20th 2010

Sometime it could make sense if one can watch the mouse-movents in realtime. With ajax it could be done in semi-realtime - for slow connections the mouse-movement could also be recorded and transmitted in intervals or after requesting the next page.

With best regards Inno

@mattab commented on March 20th 2010

while I agree this would be nice, the description above is lacking context; how would this be integrated in Piwik? Do you have examples, screenshot, online demo of existing products providing this functionnality?

eg. would you be able to replay a given visitor mouse path, or would you provide aggregates/summary of a given days visitor path? would paths be clustered into "similarity" buckets?

Please provide more info :)

@robocoder commented on March 20th 2010

I'm marking this as a dupe of #802.

@mattab commented on April 29th 2010

see also http://smt.speedzinemedia.com/smt/

This issue was closed on April 29th 2010
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