@olleharstedt opened this Issue on October 5th 2017

We have a web page with subscriptions. Therefore, it's not possible to know beforehand how much revenue a certain goal conversion will make since the subscription can be cancelled in two months, or two year, or whenever. Basically, we need to update the revenue of a specific goal conversion at every payment until the subscription ends. Is it possible to fetch one goal conversion using the Piwik API and update its revenue?

@olleharstedt commented on October 5th 2017

As an example, consider a user making two orders one year apart. One order lasts for 2 months, the other one 4 months. So what we need is to bind one visit to a revenue of 2 months, and the other visit to a revenue of 4 months. If we just add a total of 6 goal conversions, it would not be possible to know which visit led to the most revenue.

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