@mattab opened this issue on February 28th 2010

The current JS Tracking API is missing an easy way to dynamically record a page view with a custom title.

Currently, one can do

onClick on a photo {
  tracker.setDocumentTitle ("clic photo");

when a click is made on a photo eg.

He would then also have the standard Javascript tracker in the footer to record the call.

Instead, one should be able to do

onClick on a photo {

This title would overwrite other titles set by calling setDocumentTitle() previous to this call.

@pebosi commented on March 1st 2010

Attachment: piwik-1179.patch

@robocoder commented on March 1st 2010

(In [1879]) fixes #1179 - add trackPageView(customTitle) to JavaScript API

This issue was closed on March 1st 2010
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