@robocoder opened this issue on February 21st 2010

getBrowser: - should GNU or Debian re-branded versions of Firefox and SeaMonkey be lumped together and shown as Firefox and SeaMonkey, respectively? Or should we separate these out as Icecat/Iceweasel and Iceape/GNUzilla? - should IE shells (e.g., AOL, CrazyBrowser) be reported as IE? if not, what about those without version numbers? (e.g., Acoo, Avant, GreenBrowser) - when adding a browser, oftentimes the browserFamily mapping has to be updated too. We should move this from UserSettings.php to the lib. - the parser should reject false matches on the Mozilla suite - if the browser/shell can switch layout engines, should we assign different browser_ids depending on the browser family?

getOperatingSystem: - should we break down Mac OS X by version? eg Leopard, Snow Tiger

@mattab commented on February 22nd 2010
  • I think GNU/Debian rebranded firefox should not appear in a different segments. These are firefox installs. Piwik reports browsers in order to help webmasters build their websites that are compatible with the most used browsers. If one is interested by the market share of debian based firefox, one can easily fetch the data from the logs and process it.
  • IE shells should be reported as IE
  • Agreed, the mapping Browser->Browser family should be moved to the UserAgentParser lib
  • browser switching layout engine- I think this is an edge case and there is not much we can do about it. We can just report the first detected engine and not care about subsequent changes.
  • If we break down OS by version, we have to do it for all OS (windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). There would be a new report "Operating Systems families" as well as the existing report broken down by OS version. The existing report would be slightly different in that Mac OS would be broken down by version.


@robocoder commented on February 22nd 2010
  • I propose adding a FAQ item for the first three bullet points as a canned response when users request detection for a browser in these categories.
  • I'll move the browserTypes code.
  • I'll skip the MacOS breakdown.
@robocoder commented on February 23rd 2010

(In [1859]) fixes #1165 - expand UserSettings unit test coverage; fixes #1167 - fix UserAgentParser issues

@robocoder commented on February 23rd 2010

(In [1861]) refs #1167 - revert Android browser ID for backward compat

@robocoder commented on February 23rd 2010

(In [1862]) refs #1167 - revert Android browser ID for backward compat

@robocoder commented on February 23rd 2010

re: [and 1862 - there is no backward compat issue as the Android browser ID was added post-0.5.4

@robocoder commented on February 23rd 2010

(In [1863]) refs #1167 - revert change to IRIX os ID for backward compat

This issue was closed on February 23rd 2010
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