@pebosi opened this issue on February 15th 2010

Dont know if the url is needed to check for latest version or to subscribe to the newsletters. i think not. so here's a patch to remove the url from such requests...

@pebosi commented on February 15th 2010

Attachment: piwik-1158.patch

@robocoder commented on February 15th 2010

I vote for wontfix. I can't make changes to api.piwik.org so the decision rests with Matthieu.

@pebosi commented on February 16th 2010

If "wontfix" it would be necessary to know if the url's get stored and what's happening with this data...

@mattab commented on February 16th 2010

we use the url to count the number of piwik installs using each version and check that most users upgrade to the latest versions (for security reasons). We will never look at or publish the actual list (nobody has access to the DB except the sysadmin), we only use it for aggregated stats. This is also useful for us to know from which medium users find and install piwik (ie. sourceforge vs cpanel vs standard installs).

You are of course free to patch your piwik install to not send the url.

This issue was closed on February 16th 2010
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