@anonymous-piwik-user opened this issue on February 9th 2010

It would be nice to be able to see what user query triggered what keyword in a SEM campaigns. In YSM it can be done by grabbing OVKEY and OVRAW in adwords by comparing refferer url query to {keyword}. The raw user query could be built as a sub table of the keyword table same way the external websites works now. It would be nice to see conversions in the sub table as well. Keywords: interesting

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 18th 2010

I'd be willing to pay someone for this. Any takers ?

@mattab commented on February 18th 2010

you should look at hiring an official Piwik consultant: http://piwik.org/consulting/

@mattab commented on November 24th 2010

Please reopen if you know how to do this, or have a patch

This issue was closed on November 24th 2010
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